Nike Dunks - Comfort And Fashion Shoes

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Nike Dunks - Comfort And Fashion Shoes, teamjersey
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[img][/img]Alex Ander
  OMG. These tomatoes are fantastic. Left jersey 17 yrs ago and never been able to find anything that came close to a jersey tomato. Thank You so much for offering these online and making me a proud to serve this to my guest.
  Perfect gift for a 6-10 yr old of average size.
Good value.
[img][/img]James C Wood
  These pants are extremely comfortable. Because I have Cerebral Palsy, and can use only one hand, I look for clothes that I can easily manage. These pants fit the bill. I intend to buy more very shortly, even though I already have several other kinds of pants.
[img][/img]Sahil Dua
  x-large a tad too big for him...
but great price.
[img][/img]RUbie LimiAc
  new waistband dissapointing

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